Strategic Assessment - Understanding how your business functions and is perceived to function is a crucial first step in developing a strategy. The Assessment typically consists of four parts:

  1. A Company-wide Survey delineates your current strategy, structure, and culture in action.
  2. Process Audits shine the light on how work gets done, efficiently or not, in key areas of your business.
  3. Management and Employee Interviews draw out views and suggestions about the functioning of your organization.
  4. Customer Interviews provide an understanding of how outsiders view your business and your competition.

This information is summarized in a report that includes specific recommendations and action steps.

Strategic Retreat - To move forward, sometimes you have to take a step back. During your Retreat, participants review the Strategic Assessment and then develop the means to achieve a more successful workplace:

  1. Scenario Planning places your firm in different possible future scenarios and asks what it would take for your firm to thrive in each. Working backwards in time from these futures to today, we determine what it is you have to do now in order to succeed no matter which scenario appears.
  2. Goal Setting translates corporate strategy into specific and measurable goals that can then be cascaded throughout your organization. The net result is that all employees know how they contribute to the success of the firm.

Restructuring for Success – The purpose of an organization is to provide products and services to customers. How organizations are structured (e.g., information flow, who reports to whom, department alignment, etc.) too often work against this goal. We provide an assessment of how responsive your organization design is to the needs and concerns of your customers. We then assist in re-structuring your firm in line with the most efficient and effective way of delivering customer value.

Team Development – The success of any firm is dependent on how well employees work together. We present programs in team building and conflict resolution designed to ensure that your staff support each other and the organization as a whole.

Right Fit Hiring – Successful organizations hire only those candidates that will fit into their corporate culture. Our testing procedure checks potential hires for a positive cultural match.

Executive and Management Coaching – Our coaching comes in two flavors:

  1. Development for managers with high leadership potential
  2. Assistance for changing non-productive behavior

To augment the benefits of one-on-one coaching, we utilize tools such as 360-degree feedback and standardized management assessments.

Leadership Training - Our training courses on supervision and leadership are designed to address your firm's unique needs. We ensure the value of our training by having participants complete on-the-job assignments to specifically utilize the new skills they learn in training.

Succession Planning - It's not enough to have the "right people on the bus" as Jim Collins advocates in Good to Great. For the long-term success of your business, you have to actively seek and groom the next generation of leaders. We work with your staff to identify your firm’s future needs and the right people to fill them.

FOBs have their own set of dynamics and benefit most through programs customized and tailored specifically for them.

Learn more about FOB issues in our resources or Contact Us to discuss how our 25+ years of experience working with family businesses can be of assistance.